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Pruning shears 230 mm, L, red

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The ARSVS-9XZ is a professional lightweight and ergonomic pruning shears. The blade is made of hardened chrome-plated steel. This ensures that the scissors are not rust and easy to use. ARS This pruning shears is equipped with a unique safety lock which provides extra security. ARS US Series is released by squeezing the handle. The unique safety lock can be locked and unlocked with just one hand.

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227 mm / 8.9''
310 g / 10.9 oz
Max. pruning thickness:
30 mm / 1.2'' Only with medium hard wood and when used correctly
Number in blister (SU):
1 pcs
Number of SU in full box:
5 blisters
Number of SU in over box:
50 blisters
EAN code:
Pruning shears
* Delivery from stock

About the brand ARS

ARSARS comes from Japan. ARS has long been known as the most exclusive and high-quality garden tool for both the professional user and the quality-conscious individual. ARS combines strength, flexibility and functional beauty in its products. ARS, there is no better!
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