Cleaning spray Premium, 100ml

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To maximize the life of your product is important tools after each use to clean and store dry. we recommend the agent GO-1 to clean pruning tools. When pruning trees, shrubs and plants will release juices that usually saw a persistent sticky layer on the blades of scissors and omissions. The Go-1 is a powerful cleanser to effectively remove such deposits from your pruning tools. Cleaning your products makes your work easier and allows a clean and beautiful wound behind the pruned work. Clean pruning tools reduces the risk of cross contamination. Clean your product in 30 seconds! Contents: 100 ml and equipped with handy spray.

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121 g / 4.3 oz
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1 pcs
Number of SU in full box:
12 units
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72 units
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About the brand ARS Tools

ARS ToolsARS comes from Japan. ARS has long been known as the most exclusive and high-quality garden tool for both the professional user and the quality-conscious individual. ARS combines strength, flexibility and functional beauty in its products. ARS, there is no better!
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